What is AKDN stand for?

Stands for Aga Khan Development Network.

What is AKDN?

Aga Khan Development Network is a network or private non-denominational and a development organization that is founded by the Aga khan. The aim reason is to work for the poor and needy people of the globe.and also work for the abatement of those areas in the world where people and countries are in a difficult situation like overall Asia and Africa as well.

The Aga khan 1v Succeeded to the office to the 49th imam and spiritual leaders of Shia Imami Ismailia Muslim. the overall population of these adherents it about 20% of the world's population.

Why AKDN is Important?

The importance of the Aga Khan development network is too much in the world, the organization is most significant because it helps the needy and this area where have no facility and opportunities as well.

And they also work to improve welfare. It's also a non-profit organization or agency to help the world needy for long. And this network is the largest agency in all over the world to work and improvement of the world.
AKDN-Aga khan development Network

AKDN focus on?

Basically, the Aga khan mostly focuses on these areas very well, the most significant areas are mentioned below.
  • Health
  • Education
  • Culture 
  • development of rural areas 
  • Buildings focus on Economy development in the world.

the main reason is to improve the living condition and create the may opportunities for the poor one
and this work approximately 30 countries of the globe there are more than 90000 employees working for the Aga Khan Development network.

Agencies of AKDN?

  • Areas under below.
  • Aga Khan Academies  
  • Aga Khan education services
  • Aga Khan foundation
  • Aga Khan university 
  • university of central Asia

Aga Khan development network has several agencies who are properly working and help people and also for working to the poor and needy people of the globe. Agencies are the following areas below. these agencies are very important and work for people and create opportunities for the unemployed individual.

Aga Khan Development Network works for the areas which are most targeted for the betterment of the countries like, Agriculture and food security, civil society, cultural development, early childhood development, economic development, education health, and microfinance as well.

Aga Khan Development is a vast organization in Pakistan and everywhere in the globe for working  
of people all around the world.