What does HBL Stand for?

 Stands for Habib bank limited

What is Habib bank of Pakistan?

The bane of Habib has introduced from the Grandfather of Habib Ismail. Habib bank is the first bank in Pakistan at the request of the Founder of Pakistan Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Sons of Habib Esmail transferred the bank to Pakistan to help the new independence of Pakistan. The Quaid Azam opening his personal account at the bank very first time to reposed confidence.

The Headquarters on Habib bank is in Karachi. Also,  SBP the State bank headquarters are situated in Karachi 

What is HBL?

Habib bank is the first commercial bank of Pakistan which was introduced in Pakistan as the request of the founder of Pakistan Sir Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, The objective of the bank is to give employment and work for development in Pakistan and give loan to the needy people.

Nowadays in Pakistan, there have more than 700 branches working and more than 15000 employees working in the organization. Habib banks are the largest and big commercial banks in Pakistan. 

Moreover, the first Atm was launched in 2002 ATM is a machine which is very convenient and a facilitated foe human. It makes life easy to full fill their need. whenever you need anything to purchase you just need to shopping malls get things through ATM it's very comfortable for all.

HBL-Habib Bank Limited

 And branches of Pakistan?

When did HBL nationalize?

The Habib Bank was nationalized in 1974.

Habib bank First ATM  Launched?

The First ATM  was Launched in 2002.

How many Branches of HBL?

  • the 100  branches are completed in the years of 200 that's a huge target to achieve the objective. and they work for it very confidently and they have separate branches in every city.in 2009 they have more than 250 branches.
  • he haj policy is introduced in 2003 
  • in 2015 they completed more than 500 branches completed 
  • There are more than 700 Branches in Pakistan.

Habib bank Current CEO name?

the Current  CEO of Habib bank is  Muhammad Aurangazeb from February up to date.