What Does FPSC Stand for?

FPSc Stands for Federal Public Service Commission

What is FPSC And how to apply?

The federal service commission is a federal agency of the government of Pakistan that is responsible for recruiting civil and bureaucrats to hire for candidates the government of Pakistan. for the scale of 14,16,17,18.and  19 +as well.

the conduct and advertise government jobs in Pakistan where you can apply online through the FPSc website.

Those who are successful to pass the test can do a job anywhere in Pakistan.

FPSC Advertisment Date ?

The federal service commission often announced the test date on this website  

#www.fpsc.gov.pk/faqs.  anyone who what to apply online just copy the bold website here. It will help you to open the FPSC website you can easily open the website and apply the post which you desired. 
FPSC-FPSc Stands for Federal Public Service Commission
FPSc offers jobs every three months most probably which are written in the advertisement.

 Candidates that belong to any province of Pakistan can apply for the above post which is mentioned in the advertisement.

the criteria are required you must have a graduate qualification Like BBA, MBA, and other professional degrees to appear for the federal public service commission with the second grad with HSC recognized university.

The quota of every post is mentioned, the quota of the male is different than female.

The qualification of BPS 16 and 17 must have a graduation degree and for BPS 18 and 19 must have experience with qualification.