What does NAB Stands for?   

NAB stands for National Accountability Bureau. 

What is NAB? 

The national accountability bureau was established on November 16-1999 by the national accountability audience. Basically, NAB stands for the national accountability bureau, the purpose of the organization named NAB is to stop corruption all over the country.in Pakistan, it plays a vital role.
They work actively with those organization that belongs to the government or private both NAB investigates properly and they have authority and power to take action against corruption.

NAB-national accountability bureau

 What is the Function of NAB?

NAB is a federal executive agency of the government of Pakistan with the mandate to deal with the correction and to raise public awareness. there are five officers selected from four different provinces who are members of NAB and are doing work for it.

In Pakistan, there are so many organization's governments, and private work for people's development and career, but in Pakistan, the corruption ration arises day by day, that's why take action against correction. 

Basically, it works for the betterment and against correction which helps to finish the correction do work on merit, and make a platform to survive. there were many cases that have been exposed and taken action on it so far. it's a good initiative for Pakistan.