MBBS Stands for? 

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.  

What is MBBS? 

MBBS stands For like a full form, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery  There have two different names is Medicine and the second one is surgery. As we are aware of this is eventually a professional degree. If you complete the degree with 5 years you become a doctor by profession. 

The duration of MBBS  is about six years (6), where you study in any university in the world for five years and one year you do a house job as a field job. 

The government and private are conducted the MBBS both. MBBS-MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.


But in private it's too expensive approximately six lac for years. Few years before Pakistan supreme court change the policies and offer great opportunities for the student. The opportunity is actually they decrease the cost of the degree less than before. This is a really good and wonderful opportunity for medical students.


Same like Government areas the charges of the degree is less than private areas. In government sectors, they always preferred the merit that's the really good and proper strategy they have. 

If you have a good percentage and marks intermediate FSC you can appear and be eligible for the test.  After that, it's on you how to prepare for the test and how to qualify for the test.

This is really important you have more than 70 percent in Intermediate then you have chances of getting admission in MMS.

How To Apply For MBBS?

The procedure of applying for an MBBS degree is that you must meet the criteria of the organization. Every university has set the procedure that the candidate should have more than 80 % marks in FSC He or she can eligible for applying MBBS. After that, they conduct the test to select the best one for MBBS.   

But now you can see every detail regarding admission and criteria and each and everything on the university website anyone can get information accordingly. and apply for the degree program. 

Best universities in Pakistan for MBBS?

Many universities in Pakistan and all around the world for medical mostly in MBBS some valuable universities in Pakistan are under below. 

  • Aga khan University
  • University of Health and Science Lahore
  • Bahria Ub=niversity Karachi
  • Zia-U-Din hospital Karachi.
  • Khyber medical university Peshawar.
  • Liaquat University Of medical and health Science Karachi.
  • Jinnah Medical university Sindh.
The following are the name of the universities in Pakistan. Such universities have degree value and market most the people love to be a part of that universities. Many foreign students apply for these universities most specifically Aga Khan University. AKU as a short form.

If you got admission to this university and complete your MBBS or BScN then you have a bright future because foreign universities also accepted those universities.

Syllabus Of MBBS?

Following is the list of MBBS syllabus is below. You can see the course name under and be aware of the syllabus. In 6 years you have to clear that course in your periods of time.

Following is the course list.

These are the course you have to do accordingly. 

1- Anatomy
2- Biochemistry
3- physiology
4-Forensic medicine and toxicology
5- Microbiology
6- Pathology
7- Pharmacology
8- Anaesthesiosiology
9- Community Medicine
10- dermatology and venereology
11- Medicine
12- Obstetrics and gynecology
14- Orthopaedics
15- Otorhinolaryngology
16- Paediatrics
17- Psychiatry
18- Surgery
19- Internship

The following is the course list which you complete the duration give it to you. MBBS is a very difficult and hard degree as we all know that, Because if anyone wants to do MBBS they must have to spend a lot of time with studies. For that, you have to be serious and work hard if you really want to become a doctor.

Spend most of the time making notes and focusing on that, medical students read a lot than others. The most important thing is you need to manage the time that's really significant to manage the time.

you need to manage more and more time mange to complete it. and forget other activities if you dream to become a doctor. 

If you want to become a professional doctor you should take it seriously
you need to manage more and more time mange to complete it. and forget other activities if you dream to become a doctor. If you want to become a professional doctor you should take it seriously

 Career Options After MBBS?

AS we know that MBBS Stands For is a very professional degree more professional than any other field of medical .like MSN, BSN, and other related accordingly.

After doing MBBS your career level can be higher everywhere. Here I mentioned some top-level positions in the medical field.

  • Medical professor and teacher.
  • pharmaceutical researcher 
  • Hospital Administration 
  • Public health worker.

there are so many options in the market to make your career in this field. The field is as tough as enjoyable because you have many friends in your group and you all work with each other. 

the course is so tough but you make assignments, Quizzes make a PowerPoint presentation in the group, and present them to the class that's a really enjoyable moment.

And you spend most of the time with your friends and fellows approximately 5 to 6 years with them.

 Top medical schools/ Universities in the world?

  • Harvard University
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University College London 
  • Yale University.

Top Medical Colleges In Pakistan?

  • Aga Khan School of Nursing. 
  • Lahore Medical and Dental college.
  • CMH Lahore.
  • Islamic International dental college 
  • Islamabad Medical and Dental college.
  • Liaquat National College.
  • Nawaz Sharif medical college.
  • Al-Shifa College Islamabad.

 Top MBBS universities in the USA?

  • Harvard University 
  • Tufts University 
  • California university
  • Duke University
  • American University Washington.
  • University of New Mexic 
  • University of
  • New York medical college
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