What Does CMA Stand For? 

stands for institute of cost and management accountants of Pakistan

 What is CMA?

It was established in Pakistan in 1951 (ICMA Pakistan) The objective is to regulate and promote professional management in Pakistan. Basically, it's a CMA stands for the Certified Management accountant.

Institute of cost and management accountants of  Pakistan is a certificate course, which is about four years Program after intermediate. CMA  is a professional certificate course The students are very sharp and well educated. Communication skills and leadership skills are strong because they teach them high-level courses. the basics of the ICMA  student are very good as others.

Most of the students take a minimum of two or a maximum of 3 courses within a semester. because the course is so tough to manage.

ICMA-stands for institute of cost and management accountants of  Pakistan

Scope of the ICMA Certificate? 

As far as we know ICMA scope is very vast not specifically in Pakistan but everywhere. In the present modern management and accountancy, there is always a need for expert, well-trained financial professionals, and accountants. It is the best source to build your career in the field.

Financial professionals are needed in the market nowadays to build our career in a long time and achieve the objective of the organization.

Most of the positions for CMA professionals can get employment with a reliable salary package. positions are list below.

  • Financial manager
  • Accountant officer
  • Audit officer
  • Tax auditor 
  • Chief financial officer 
  • Finance manager
  • Finance Director 

These are the positions for those who have professional certificates and degrees like CMA, MBA, and BBA with effective skills and expertise.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats salary of ICMA professionals in Pakistan is enough they are earning very high in Pakistan. There have Two categories one is fresh and the other is experienced, so a fresh ICMA professional salary in Pakistan is above 40,000 and the experienced professional can easily earn 60,000 to 150,000 per month, both public and private sector.

Duration of ICMA?

The duration of ICMA is a four-year program it's up to you you can complete it within four years, but there have an option if you take not more than two or three-course in a semester you can not be complete it within four years. so do,t worry about it because you have the advantage to complete your CMA within 5 years.

The course is very tough to manage, the students spend most of the time with their studies and activities related to the course and do practice more and more.

There have Approximately 19 courses you will have to complete after intermediate. If you have done your Bachelor's or any other degrees and want to get appear in ICMA so some courses will exempt accordingly.