What DOes HRM Stands For? 

HRM Stands For Human Resource Management.

What is HRM Introduction and Definition? 

Human resource management is basically towards human management, and it's a core subject of management sciences it relates to the human being. It simply means that it manages the people of an organization.

What is the Definition  HRM?
Human resources, management is basically a management function that tries to match an organization ned to the skills and ability of the employer who works for an organization.  to manage the right person to the right job at the right time accordingly. 

 whare they look at the personal skills and knowledge of the person is he or she is effective or not for the specific positions.this is the Appropriate definition of human resource management.
HRM- Stands For Human Resource Management

What are the  Components Of HRM :

Basically, it has three components such as,
  • Human
  • Resource
  • Management
These three components are very important factors to cover it. and make a complete sense of human resource management. 


The words humans mean social animals are humans beings here the big difference between social animals and machines. to know this social animal and machine for that purpose we design human resource management to take benefits from this.


Every organization has there some resources and they achieve the objective accordingly. The resources that are used by a human being.
Resources can be technology, it could be money which we can utilize to accomplish our requirements.


Management is a process of (POLC)  which means planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling the organization sets these to achieve the objective and get the benefit in an efficient manner that's simply called management. 

 HRM Function?

Human resource management can be classified in the following three categories.
  • Managerial Function
  • operative Function 
  • Advisory Function
the sub-function of managerial function is,

 1- Plaining 
2- Organizing 
3- Leading 
4- Controlling 

The Operative function of Human resource management is.
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and Development 
  • performance Appraisal
  • Salary and compensation
  • Employee Welfare 
  • Personal research
  • personal Record
  • Job Analysis
These are the Operative function of human resource management where Hr professionals do before hiring the employees of the organization. they planned for the recruitment of employees for the organization. And arrange Training and development for those employees who are new in the organization.

Whenever a new employee hired for the job the HR arranges training foe develop their skills and confidence.

and Also decide a salary package for them and make a strategy on how to compensate the employee as well.

Advisory function:

The Advisory function of human resource management is as follows.

Human resource management can offer advice.
  • Advice to the management 
  • Advice to the Head of departmental 

The personnel manager advises the top management and also advises the head of various departments.

Importance Of HRM?

Human resource management is really significant for every organization. human resource management helps an organization to achieve the objective from time to time by creat a positive attitude in the workplace and make maximum use of resources. And also facilitate professional growth and better relationship in, management.

human resources are the backbone of any department where it helps to hire a better person for the right time. which work for organizations to achieve organizational goals. human resource plays a vital role in an organization and everywhere.