What does CSS stand for? 

CSS stands for central superior service exam

What is the CSS Exam? 

It's a competitive exam. Which are conducted by (FPSc) Federal public service commission. the government of Pakistan conducts this every fiscal year. Many of the students are appear in these exams from every city of the country. They announced the exam schedule and date on the official website of the Federal public service commission.

Interested candidates should visit the official website and go through and collect the information regarding the central superior service exam.

The criteria for the central superior service exam the candidates should have 14 years of bachelor's educations with Seconddevision can apply and appear for the CSS. If you fall under that criteria you should apply for the exams.

first of all, you have to apply for the CSS exam need to submit the required document and then they will check all the documents if you meet the procedure then they will shortlist you for the exam.
If you qualify for the CSS exams then you are considered as a 17th-grade officer in Pakistan and then you will have power and authority.  Is a desirable job for everyone.

The total number of papers is twelve (12) in central superior service exam exams each paper has 100 marks the aggregate marks of the CSS exam are 1200. And six hundred marks are compulsory subjects.
CSS-CSS stands for central superior service exam

How many types of tests are in CSS? 

There are four types of tests in CSS areas below.
1. detailed exam
2. psychological exam
2. medical exam
4. oral exam 

These four test exams are very important in CSS, in the group there are a hundred candidates who appear but only one is selected on them who are clear these four tests from a group of candidates. they give a group to the selected one according to the marks, the groups are mentioned below.

1. District Management group.
2. police services of Pakistan.
3. custom and excise.
4. postal group.
5. income tax group.
6. information group.
7. foreign services of P.akistan
8. commerce and trade.
9. military lands and cantonmen.ts  
10. office management groups.
11. Pakistan Audit and accounts. 
12. railways commercial and transport group.

CSS exam syllabus 2020?

In CSS there have two options s First one is Cpmpulsary and another one is optional. From an optional subject, you have to choose your interest, and a Compulsory subject is mandatory to take and complete as per policy.

Compulsory Subjects for CSS Exam:

Code NO                    Subjects                                                    Marks 
1.                             English essay                                                100
2.                             English (precis and compositions)                 100       
3.                             general science and ability                             100
4.                             current affairs                                                  100
5.                             Pakistan affairs                                                100
6.                             Islamic studies or c100omparative study         100 

Total marks                                                                                     600          

In compulsory subject, each subject has to carry equal marks following are the subject details which are mandatory to achieve the marks. You really need to focus on the above subject and prepare well. If you are fully prepared for the course then there has a chance to avail yourself.

For that make a timetable and study as much as you can. because the CSS syllabus is so lengthy and tough to manage. If you work hard and manage time then you will able to qualified 

Who Can Appy for CSS?

  • The candidate should be the Citizen of our country. Can apply 
  • He or She should have at least 16 years of degree In 2nd decision.
  • If you have 3rd decision in achelors then you will not be eligible for that
  • most significant is your age limitation it should not exceed 21-28 years 
  • if you are a government employee and you have completed two years of employment you have an advantage for you like relaxation.

What are CSS Abbreviations?

CSS          Central security service 

CSS          Containment Spray System 

CSS         Content Scrambling

CSS         Cross-site Scripting 

CSS          Contact Start-Stop

CSS          Cancer-Specific Survival

CSS        COmbined sewer system