Covid stand for? 

Basically, it's covid 19, co stands for corona.VI stands for virus D for diseases.

What is Novel CoronaVirus?

Covid -19 is the disease caused by the new name novel coronavirus that emerged the Wuhan city in china in the month of December.

These diseases 2019 is respiratory illnesses. It can be separated from one person to another person smoothly. This is found in China for the very first time.

There has been no treatment so far but the world health organization focuses on it day by day, they took time to solve the big issue.

It affects approximately more than 190 counters of all over the world people are really a fear of this.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Covid-19:

The symptoms of coronavirus are the following. these symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure based on the incubation period of the MERS Covid virus.

If you feel the symptoms on you you should consult with the doctor asap. Because it's kind of virus as we know that it can affect you after 14 days and can transfer one person to another.
According to Wolrd Health Organization (WHO), below are the symptoms of this global pandemic.
  • Fever
  • COugh
  • Flu
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulties in berth
These are the symptoms of coronavirus diseases, so if you feel this in you, please be careful and must call the doctor or visit the nearest hospital for diagnoses.this virus has no treatment so far that's why to try to stay at your home safe yourself and other as well.

Instruction Of Covid:

  • I request to all please everyone must stay at home and to help others to don't spread this.
  • you cant only leave the house just for basic necessities, like Medication
  • Wash your hand with Dettol for 20 seconds
  • Use sanitizer for cleaning your hands and kill germs.
  • Drink hot water.
these reasons are exceptions if we are doing these activities regularly .and minimum time spend time outside of the home, you will save and also try to keep away from people as well.