What is CA stand for?

CA stands for Chartered Accountant 

 What is CA?

As far as we know that CA is a professional  Qualification. like Doctor, engineer, and IT professional same as Accounts, finance, audit, and tax-related a professional course, it's known as CA or chartered accountant.

Its basic criterion is an intermediate that doesn't matter you have done FA,  i.com, or FSC but it is most important you should have 50% marks in any field to join CA.
This is the highest degree in business management then ICMA, BBA, and others respectively. 
CA- stands foe Chartered Accountant

 Importance Of CA?

I often divide two categories for those who really want to join.

1- Those who have a dream to do CA. parents and teachers also prefer you to join because the student give effort and get enough maks, at the end of the exam
That students get the marks that they aspect so these students are the ideal they should do CA and they do it.

2- The second category is really important that students who are not serious in the past, but now will do that and want to make our career. they also good students but they don't take seriously in the past but now think to do and make our future bright,  those who don't know to give up they can do it.

 Scope of CA?

It's a global body. CA is the best career option for commerce students in Pakistan and also for abroad, you can earn the highest pay all over the globe. people say that it's difficult to do yes it is so difficult for those students who are not interset in accountancy. 

but it's up to you, you should have to make a strategy and keep studying more and more. commerce and statistics students can complete this course.

If you are really passionate to do CA you have to forget other activities for a couple of years? as we know that it's so tough so we manage more and more ti,r to manage and hard work,

After complete, you CA  trust me chartered accountant is a more powerful man than others, you will enjoy after the complete chartered accountant here you just need to focus and give time to accomplish.


Chartered Accountant is a professional qualification course, It is a global body in Pakistan and abroad, CA has a high scope in the business market and in chartered firms, chartered accountancy certificate is demandable then another degree. Chartered accountant has the level of the backbone in any organization of the world,