What is BSCN Stand for?

BScN Stands for Bachelor of Science In Nursing

What IS BSCN and its introduction?

It stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Basically, it's a Four years program after Intermediate, FSC, the minimum required to appear in the entry test is you should have 50 % plus marks in FSC.then you can apply for BSCN,

BSN is a four-year program not just in Pakistan but all over the world. it's an international degree .and it is also a merit-based program.

the main criteria are when they complete their four years program from any university, and one year more to do an internship. after the internship, the Pakistan nursing council will register as a registered nurse.

BScN is not a semester vice program it's actually a University level program. It's also an annual program as well.


This degree program is so many institutions in Pakistan this is the most advanced level education in the nursing field, The focus to resolve the problems offered the Scop of BSCN is so wast in globally and also in Pakistan. there have so many opportunities everywhere in this field

If you are looking for a job and know about the scope let me tell you that this is rising and there have a lot of jobs available in the market for this, it can be private and government as well.

For both of them, males or females can apply and find a job without any problem if they have a BScN degree. This degree has its own value everywhere in the world. if you want to make your career for a long time you need to get some sort of experience and apply everywhere you desired. you will get a job where you want to do.

Would you want more and more information related to this you can ask me to feel free below the comment box?

 responsibilities of  Doctors and Nurse in Covid -19?

Covid 19 is a very serious pandemic issue everywhere in the world, all the countries facing these issues, and all the hospital Doctors and nurses play a very virtual role throughout this situation. we salute our doctors and nurse around the world because they are always standing and there for us to protect and take care of us.

I this tough time no one can go out of the home just because of covid 19 but doctors and nurse take their responsibilities as same as before. We really appreciate and salute you once again.

What is the Salary of  BScN? 

Here we will discuss the salary package of a BScn nurse in Pakistan, After completing your Bachelor of Science in nursing. you are hired for any organization then the starting salary can be approximately forty thousand. And furthermore, your salary will be arises as per your experience.

For BScN and MBBS qualified there has much salary in Pakistan and anywhere in the globe where he or she does a job. After getting one or two years of experience their salary can be 70 to 80 thousand in Pakistani rupees.

MBBS Salary?

Here I will give you the complete information regarding the salary of MBBS professionals here in Pakistan. After MBBS qualified start a job in any hospital and the salary of the MBBS professionals can be 1.5 lac to 2 lac per month. So

MBBS salary in Kuwait?

The salary of an MBBS doctor in Kuwait is too much compared to other countries in the world because Kuwait compensates as much as other countries. The salary of MBBS and BScN in Kuwait is approximately 4 lac to 10 lac per month. The salary package is too much in Kuwait.

How to apply for a Kuwait job?

Here I will give you a relevant and complete guideline about how to online for Kuwait jobs, ill tell you the complete information because I know the policies and all the information regarding this. And also I had applied for Kuwait.

There have eight 8 forms on the website to fill out and apply for the post you desired.
So I will tell you the complete detail about the procedure one by one.

Following are the steps you have to follow one by one and fill the forms which are available on the website.

Keep stay with me and follow the below points which will help you to find the job and apply for that.
And I also mentioned the Online form link below you just need to click the link and that link will give you the form to sign up.

SO Please follow the following Instruction below.

1- Go google browser and search for the word "OEC" which means Overseas Employee Corporation.
2- You need to open the first link name as oec.gvt.pk.
3- Then the Overseas website page will be opened.
4- You have to click on " Click here to apply online" and also there have an advertisement if you are want to open the advertisement you can, and you can get information about the job and much more from that link

And the form will be opened then you need to click register which is available right side on the top.
Then it's your choice you want to create an account via email or contact no. Chose anyone and enter your accurate detail.

The detail you must remember is because you have to log in through this detail.
Go log in with the same email or password which you inter before signing up.

Then the last option is after login the application page will be open for you to enter all credentials and requirements. if you need more guidelines to contact me through the comment box I will provide much more regarding this and will guide you properly. because I know how to fill the form properly and as per their requirement.
Here is the link for signing up for the application just click the like and follow the instructions I have mentioned in point.

Copy the link and paste it on google web browser the application form will be opened for you and go-ahead to sign up for the form.

BScN Nurse salary? 

The salary package for nurses after completing their degree is approximately 45000 per month. this is the basic salary of your date of joining when you are fresh.

When you are registered as a (PNC) Pakistan nursing council then your monthly salary would arise the basic salary. your salary can be 65000 per month.

It would be automatically increased according to your sort of experience.

there has enough salary package in this field as well.