B.com Stands for?

B.com stands for Bachelor of commerce

What are B.com and its criteria?

B.com is an undergraduate degree in commerce. its duration (2) year degree after intermediate, the background of students should be commerce and science it's better for them.i.com is a suitable consideration for b.com because a person belongs to commerce he or she can easily understand the course of B.com because of they already aware about the courses in i.com.

I.com course is quite the same so it helps you to manage and understand smoothly. because you have done the same course in i.com like the principle of accounting and fundamentals of accounting as well. Your basic is complete if you become commerce. so commerce students can easily do B.com with maximum marks.

B.COM-stands for bachelor of commerce

What is the B.com scope?
Yes, B.com has a good scope in the market, you can get a good job as well. but not a very good but a middle-level managerial job you can get after B.com.its an accounting related degree so you can do a job in the accounting department.

As we see from the international perspective  I do not think there has an international opportunity available for B.con students because there has tough competition in the market. because there have already had over-level qualifications in Pakistan which are internationally recognized. 

B.com is just recognized in Pakistan so there have a lot of degrees in Pakistan so the importance of B.com is not rather than others. there are no more opportunities but a student is attached to any organization after B.com and gets two or three years of experience when he or she can find a good job in the market.

What can you do after B.com?
For international students can continue after B com, like M.com, MBA, ACCA students can do CIMA can do CA. if students want to go abroad for further studies, they can get admission in every field of commerce like MBA finance, etc after B.com.